postheadericon Web Ad Specifications

Image Dimensions: 300w x 250 pixels, 728w x 90 pixels, 468w x 60 pixels, 120w x 600 pixels, 120w x 90 pixels
Image Animation (Gif): Single to infinitely looping banners accepted.

Image File Size:
50K maximum for static or animated GIF.
50k for Button Flash
80k for Banner Flash

Linking URL: An active URL must be provided.

Testing: All creatives must function uniformly on both Mac and PC platforms as well as multiple browser versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.


Big Box (300w x 250 pixels)
300 x 250
Leaderboard (728w x 90 pixels)
728 x 90

Banner (468w x 60 pixels)
468 x 60

Skyscraper (120w x 600 pixels)
120 x 600

Button (125w x 125 pixels)

Wall Paper Ads (Site Background)

The ABM Wallpaper specs are consistent across all publications.

The ABM Wallpaper includes two image areas that are 550 pixels wide by 684 pixels high. They appear on the Left and Right sides of an ABM site.

Due to the fact that there is no standard monitor size in real world usage, ABM Wallpapers also include an Image Safe Area that is 150 pixels wide by 684 pixels high.

This “Safe” area is a compilation of various user data that leads us to conclude that a majority of our users will be able to see this area as their monitors will be large enough.

We recommend keeping any copy (such as headlines), call-to- actions, “click” buttons or logos within the “Safe” area.

The ABM Wallpaper can have two links or URLS attached. One on either side of the wallpaper. Please provide at the time of ad submission.

You can also specify a background colour as a hex# that matches your wallpaper. Please provide at the time of ad submission.

To take full advantage of the impact of the ABM we recommend that advertisers utilize the full image area completely.

Please use the provided .jpg files as your guideline for the ABM Wallpaper.

When providing finished content please Save AS to a .jpg file.

If providing a Moving Wallpaper, please send all HTML5 resource files.


*Preparing a Flash file to use with our ad system (OpenX)

OpenX is able to track flash banner clicks using the following technique:

Using Hard-Coded Links

OpenX will track clicks for flash banners with hard-coded URLs (i.e. the ActionScript links directly to a URL like '').

This is only possible with banners we upload. This does not work with any flash ads being called externally by a 3rd party script.

If your banner is using a hard-coded link and OpenX detects this a prompt is presented to us - if NO prompt is presented to us it usually indicates the flash banner has no embeded URL or was made improperly.

If you are using a Flash banner with hard-coded URLs that has multiple destinations, OpenX is able to rewrite these URLs with different destinations. However, each click will be counted for the same banner ID, so it is not by default tracking which destination a user clicked on. If you upload a Flash banner with multiple and different hard-coded URLs the 'rewrite URLs' screen will ask you for multiple destination URLs to use automatically.

Note – OpenX might not be able to overwrite the target if the Flash banner does not define a target to use within its ActionScript call of 'geturl'. Always include a Destination URL in the Actionscript.

Backup Image
In case a viewer does not have Flash installed you can include a non-Flash image (gif, jpg) of the same size.